What makes different?

Exclusive Content   

  • Get access to great Canadian content that's not available anywhere else. Avoid recognizable videos that get re-used to the point of saturation.

    How do i find Exclusive content?
    Search for Exclusive content by adding the word 'exclusive' to any search. (eg. 'exclusive drone winter forest') or check any of our exclusive collections. Get notified anytime we add new, exclusive content by creating an account

    All exclusive content has a diamond icon on their product pages.


Filmmaker-owned means:

  • Access to the filmmaker + access to clip info.
    We shot the content, so we know the collection really well! We can also answer any questions about when, where or how a clip was shot. 
  • Access to source files. 
    Get access to any of our source files, including DLog files for most of our Mavic 2 Pro drone footage, stills from time-lapses and un-processed files from the camera. 
  • A consistent look in the work which means a consistent look in yours.
    Get a more unified look in your project, with a collection of 1000's of Canadian clips shot with a consistent style, in consistent locations. 

Eastern White Pine, Ontario, Canada. (Autumn, Winter & Summer)

    Buyout Option lets you get exclusive rights to clips.

    • With our Buyout option, you can reserve a clip for a certain amount of time, so that no other customer can use the work in their project or advertising. You'll see the Buyout option on the product pages of any of our Exclusive clips. 


    100% Made in Canada. Guaranteed.

    • We're proudly Canadian and our focus is on shooting useful, cinematic stock footage that's 100% made in Canada, guaranteed. No more guessing if that shot of a beautiful evergreen tree is from Vermont, USA or Ontario, Canada. 

    Eastern White Pine, Ontario, Canada. (...its from Ontario, Canada).


      We're based in Toronto and we're here to help. 

      • Its our goal to help you find the content you need. If its not in our collection, we'll help you find it or shoot the content ourselves. We're in Toronto and can shoot the city, the province and the country. We also have a network of film-makers and stock footage producers across Canada to call on, to help you get the job done.

      Let's get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!