I’m Rob Howard and I’m the founder of canadastockfootage.com, a boutique stock footage agency with a focus on Canadian content. Our mission is to help you tell your best stories with great royalty-free Canadian stock. If you have any questions, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Rob Howard

Founder – canadastockfootage.com


A new source for Canadian stock: 
Why I started canadastockfootage.com!


A passion for shooting stock footage
I’ve been shooting stock footage since 2008, working under the name orbitrob for agencies like istock, Pond5 and shutterstock. During that time I’ve licensed over 20,000 clips to customers, and have had work featured in ads for Amazon, Bell, Visa and the Province of Ontario. While shooting stock is a passion for me, and I enjoy working with stock agencies, I always felt there was a better way to serve my customers.

The problem with searching for Canadian content on stock agencies
The agencies are great, but when you're looking for Canadian content, you can often end up with a jumble of results with no consistent visual style. There’s also no way to guarantee if content was shot in Canada and no way to contact the film-maker if you have questions.

A solution for finding great Canadian content
Its for these reasons that I started canadastockfootage.com. (Working with a small team we launched in April 2023). You’ll find a collection of content that’s visually striking, guaranteed Canadian and shot with a consistent style. And yes, you can reach out if you have any questions, because we shot it!  Please take a look around the site, we look forward to meeting you!



Support the Artist
Did you know that stock agencies take as much as 60-70% of the sales price? When you buy from canadastockfootage.com you support the film-maker behind the work.