General Questions

What is canadastockfootage.com?
We are a boutique marketplace for Royalty-Free stock footage, offering 100% Canadian content with a focus on cinematic and artistic stock footage.

How is canadastockfootage.com different from other stock footage sites?
The biggest difference is we are filmmaker owned and we shoot all the content ourselves. As a result, we know the collection really well and can answer any questions about when, where or how a clip was shot. A couple of other benefits of being filmmaker-owned include:

    • You can get access to our source files, including DLog files from our Mavic 2 Pro drone footage.
    • You’ll see a consistent style in the work, so that you can get a more unified look in your own project.

What is Royalty-Free stock footage? 
Stock footage sold under a 'Royalty-Free license' allows a single customer to use that content forever, without having to pay additional fees or royalties. The content can be used in personal or business projects, with worldwide distribution and across an unlimited number of projects. The only limitations are defined by the type of license that the content was purchased under (Standard or Extended), and certain uses as outlined in section 2. Restricted Uses of our Content License Agreement.

When would you use stock footage? 
To have footage that you wouldn’t be able to shoot on your own. Either because its in a different location, at a different time of year or contains a subject you don’t have access to.

Is canadastockfootage.com safe for commercial use? 
Each clip we share has been thoroughly reviewed and vetted to ensure that it is safe for use in your projects. All commercial clips with recognizable buildings or land have been cleared with a property release. All commercial clips of people have been cleared with model releases.

Prices & Licensing

What license is Included with my purchase?
All clips are sold under a Royalty-Free license, with either a Standard or Extended license option. 

What is the difference between a Standard and an Extended license?

  • A Standard license covers almost all creative projects for personal or business use. It can be used for digital, web and advertising projects where the audience number is less than 500,000.
  • An Extended license is for projects where the audience is more than 500,000 and is typically used for TV, film and national advertising.
More info on licenses can be found on our pricing page and in our license agreement.

If you have any questions about licensing, please contact us or call 1(416) 873-5683.

How much do clips on canadastockfootage.com cost?
Cost varies based on license, resolution and whether a clip is exclusive to canadastockfootage.com or not. Prices start at $89 CDN for most HD clips and $129 CDN for most 4K clips. For all pricing info see our pricing page.

Does canadastockfootage.com offer discounts?
Yes! First time buyers receive 20% off their first order. If you sign up and become a member, then you'll also receive news about sales and be the first to find out about new and exclusive footage. To become a member, sign-up by creating an account.


Exclusive Content & Buyout Option

What is Exclusive content?
Exclusive content are clips that are only available on canadastockfootage.com. Exclusive content will help you stand out, by avoiding recognizable videos that get re-used to the point of saturation. Get notified anytime we add new, exclusive content by signing up and creating an account.

How do I search for Exclusive content?
You can find Exclusive collections under Collections in the header menu. You can also search for Exclusive content by adding the word ‘exclusive’ to any search. (eg. ‘exclusive drone winter forest’). All Exclusive clips have a diamond icon on their product pages.

If I license an Exclusive item, can other people license it too?
Yes. Exclusive items are licensable to more than one user. If you are interested in obtaining the sole rights to use a piece of content, then consider the Buyout Option option listed on any Exclusive Clip’s product page.

How does the Buyout option work? The Buyout option lets you reserve a clip for a certain amount of time, so that no other customer can use that same clip in their project or advertising. You’ll see the Buyout option on the product pages of any of our Exclusive clips. Click the button, fill out the form and we’ll respond within 24 hours. For all the info on Buyout terms please check out section 1.3 of the license agreement.



Site Navigation

How do I search for footage? 
Navigate to the canadastockfootage.com homepage. Type your keywords into the search bar and hit ENTER.

When you find a clip you like, select your License Type and select Add to Cart. If you’re not ready to buy, you can click on the heart icon and save to Favourites. You can also: 

    • Search by collection. Search by selecting any collection from the dropdown menu in the top menu bar.
    • Search using a clip’s keywords. Select any keyword from the 'Keywords for this clip' section that appear below any clip search result.

How do I search for Exclusive content only?
You can find Exclusive collections under Collections in the top header. You can also search for Exclusive content by adding the word ‘exclusive’ to any search. (eg. ‘exclusive drone winter forest’). Look for the diamond icon on the product pages of Exclusive content:

Where do I find technical information about a clip?
Below any clip in a search result, you’ll find information about the camera type, file type, file resolution, file size, file duration and frame rate.

How do I download a preview or video comp? 
Go to the product page of any clip and click on "Download Preview" (below the Add to Cart button) to download a watermarked, low-resolution comp. You can use these preview files for approvals or to test in the timeline of a project.

How do I bookmark a clip I like? 
Click on the heart icon on any clip's thumbnail and it will save for later. You can also share the link with a client. To make sure your favourites stay saved, be sure to sign up and create an account. 

Technical Topics

What is DLog / D-Log footage?
DLog files are 10 bit video files from the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. They are a desaturated, flat-looking file with a higher dynamic range than 8 bit video files. DLog files are often preferable for colour correction work as they hold details in highlighted areas of an image. Most of our drone footage is shot in DLog. We then colour correct it and make the rendered version of the file available for purchase.

Can I also get the DLog file for a video clip?
Yes, if the clip was shot in DLog, you’ll see the option to download on the product page. Once we get your order, we’ll de-archive and prepare the file and get it to you within 24 hours.
Note: DLog files use the H265 Codec, which can be challenging for some older computers and NLE’s to process. Be sure to check your system can handle DLog files before purchasing. Contact us if you have any questions about DLog footage. (We can also send you a sample DLog file to test on your system).

Troubleshooting & Refund Policy

What happens if my file isn't working after i download it?
Please inspect your clip after download, and contact us immediately if there is something wrong, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

How do i get a refund?
If you want a refund for a recent purchase, you can submit a request in writing within thirty days of your order, provided you have not already used the file. To start a refund, or for any questions regarding refunds, please contact us. Please see our refund page for more info.