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Non-Exclusive Clips. 
For content that can also be found at other stock agencies*

License Type                      HD                          4K                          
Standard                             $89                        $129                      
Extended                            $389                      $429


Exclusive Clips.
For content that’s only available at

License Type                      HD                          4K                      
Standard                             $129                       $179 
Extended                            $429                       $479 


*Note: we always try to offer lower pricing on identical clips that are for sale at other agencies. If you find a lower price, let us know and we'll match it. Please check out our Best Price Guarantee for more details. 


Two simple Royalty-Free licenses to choose from: 

Standard License: is for most uses and covers any web, corporate or personal use, provided the audience is less than 500,000.

Extended License: is for TV, film, OTT use and national advertising where audience size is 500,000 and above. 

Looking for exclusive rights to a clip? Choose our Buyout option:
For most of our exclusive clips a Buyout option is available, meaning you get all the rights of an Extended license plus the content can be secured exclusively for a set amount of time. This makes sure that no other competitor can buy the clip, during the specified period. For products with a Buyout option, simply click the buyout button and fill in the form. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

Choose your license type from any product page. Full details on our different license types can be found here in our License Agreement. For any questions about pricing and/or licenses please contact us or call +1 (416) 873-5683.